MY JOURNEY: Acrylic on Canvas | Lloyd Hornsby
John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery

3 June – 25 July 2017

Lloyd Gawura Hornsby is a Koori (descendant of the New South Wales Aboriginal Yuin people).  At the age of 68, his learning is continuing today through the discovery of Aboriginal culture and life. The passing down of stories and life experiences, are all adding to the richness of his understanding. Aboriginal culture is focused on recording the origins of life (Dreamtime). Lloyd has endeavoured to carry on the age-old tradition of telling Dreamtime and Historical stories through his artworks, in a passive mode. His journey into the future is reflected in his latest series of paintings, ‘Salt Water People’. 

Lloyd Hornsby | My Country – Salt Water Brain Coral (detail) 2013 | Acrylic on canvas | 75cm x 130cm

LINGO | Trudy Tronc
Curved Wall

3 June – 25 July 2017

LINGO is about language and communication and a very important part of the Aboriginal culture to where its preservation is crucial to our wellbeing. Trudy Tronc has created a collection of works that highlight a remarkable journey of LINGO from a point of view that is anticipated to bring excitement and appreciation. Trudy is an Aboriginal woman from Eastern Arunta family group – HARTS Range Northern Territory. Trudy is very passionate about Aboriginal culture and has spent time exploring the different aspects of her culture to seek ways to share in knowledge and learning. 

Trudy Tronc | Goanna Dreaming (detail) | Acrylic on canvas