Abstract Comics #4
by Kym Tabulo

John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery

8 February – 28 March 2020

The John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery is proudly sponsored by
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A pioneer in the new visual arts genre of abstract sequential art, Kym Tabulo’s new body of work Abstract Comics #4 combines the conventions of fine art with traditional comics. With a focus on form and technique, this multidimensional exhibition explores the passage of time through rhythmic narratives rather than telling a story, offering the chance for the audience to invent their own story or find a theme. Using the process of sequence and movement across a variety of subject matter, media and styles, this hypnotic series invites you to reimagine conventional artforms in this emerging 21st century genre.

Image caption:
Kym Tabulo | Celebrating 2018 | Acrylic paint on canvas | 90cm x W122cm

Searching for Beauty in Each Day
by Megan McNicholl

The Curved Wall

In Searching for beauty in each day Megan McNicholl uses her love of photography as a therapeutic medium to express her multifarious reaction to drought, and to share the beauty she purposely searches for in the parched landscape that surrounds her home.

Image caption:
Megan McNicholl | Sprinkled with Dust 2019 | Photograph | 54cm x 44cm