2019 Award Winners

First Prize

Alicia Streten | Self Portrait 2019 | Acrylic on canvas | 100cm x 75cm

Streten is a self-taught, 19-year-old artist who grew up in and continues to live in the Western Downs. She has explored various mediums including pastels and digital art but has found her passion in baroque inspired portraiture.

Self Portrait
To admit that you are uncertain is brave, and today I will be brave. In truth, I cannot explain why I painted what I painted. My work is comprised of fragments of my passions, my fears, my hopes, my dreams. They surround me, crowd me. This is how my mind is, filled with too much, too many details, I am still working myself out. I don’t know how I feel yet, but one day I will. One day I will understand. For now, I will accept myself, and hold fast to the light that guides me.

Second Prize

Connar McLaren | Broken 2014 | Galvanised and copper wire | 63cm x 93cm x 73cm

Connar McLaren is a sculptor, repurposing wire and scrap metal through welding, brazing, crimping, weaving and wrapping techniques. Her creativity stems from personal experiences, often reflecting her rural life. She aims for more than visual engagement, but a connection and sharing of the artist’s and viewer’s inner emotions.

Art is a very personal projection of my own feelings. My objective is to engage and connect with the viewer’s own memories and emotions with the artwork. Currently I work with metal sculpture, but all my artworks have started with an emotion and then selection of medium to best convey that emotion. My artwork Broken, created by wrapping and weaving galvanised and copper wire, explores the intensity of body language. The outer form is silent but deafening visual expression of inner guttural raw pain, an inside out portrayal of human grief and great loss.

Third Prize

Steph Pumpa | Inside looking out 2019 | Acrylic on canvas | 60cm x 49cm

Steph Pumpa is a Dalby artist working in the mediums of oils, watercolour and pen & ink. She is inspired by God’s creativity and design reflected in nature and the human form.

Inside looking out
This is one of my more traditional pieces that expresses the adventurous, curious and wide-eyed approach children have to the world. I believe it is important to not lose this curiosity as we age. And continue to look outward with childlike enthusiasm.

Young Artist Award

Emiley Nixon | Whispers from the Milky Way  | Mixed media on canvas | 91.5cm x 45.5cm

From the time Nixon was little, she has always liked experimenting with colours. She loves the way they blend with each other and is inspired by how colours change. She enjoys trying new techniques, even if they present a challenge.

Whispers from the Milky Way
I have always been fascinated by the random placement of the stars. As a child I loved sleeping under the starry night sky. I would listen to the night sky as it told its story from above and wonder what it would be like to look down from the sky above.

Installer’s Award

Guy Breay | Embrace 2019 | Sculpture – Budgeroo Branch | 81cm x 44cm x 25cm

For his sculptures, Breay selects gnarled and twisted wood with interesting shapes and movement from his sustainably managed forest. His style constantly evolves to reflect experiences, imagination and inspiration he gets from the natural beauty of wood. His creations are enhanced using lines, negative spaces and contrasting textures and colours.

This entwined display stand was carved from a salvaged Budgeroo branch. The solid hardwood inside was carved out to highlight the triple helix of natural edge sap wood that is interlaced with curved diagonals that embrace the piece.