Amarna Tomb
by Darryn Campbell
John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery

12 February – 27 March 2021

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The Amarna period of Egyptian history in the latter half of the Eighteen Dynasty (c. 1300 BC), continues to be a source of artistic inspiration for Darryn Campbell. In this exhibition, Campbell explores the unique perspective of Akhenaten, the ruler of this era, who’s monotheistic beliefs are reflected in the city planning, architecture, and art of his time. Featuring a stylised tomb, sarcophagus and chambers, the design is a distinct departure from traditional ancient Egyptian tomb decoration. Instead, the theme reveals the journey of everyday earthly life and the abundance flowing from the sun god Aten, rather than a preoccupation with eternity. 


Image caption: Darryn Campbell | Amarna Tomb 2020 | Carving on wood | 690mm x 600mm

On the Curved Wall