John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery

23 September – 14 November 2017

Paddy and Jimmy Kenniff – two young, high-spirited brothers – lived life to the full, testing the system as they went about ‘business’ in the remote Upper Warrego district of Western Queensland. They clashed with authority, pinched a few horses, and moonlighted clean skins. In 1902, their luck ran out when they faced one of the biggest court hearings in Queensland – for murder.

Moonlighting in Moffatt unearths the story of the Kenniff brothers. In the 1990s, Karen Knight-Mudie tramped the rugged Mount Moffatt region visiting strategic sites, talking with locals, and painting the landscape. Her images and words weave a true story of camaraderie and survival in outback Queensland that might otherwise be forgotten.

Karen Knight-Mudie | Forestvale (detail) 1997 | Conte on heavy brown counter paper | 240cm x 114cm

IMAGINATION IS A WONDERFUL THING | Miles State High School Visual Art Students
Curved Wall

23 September – 14 November 2017

Students from Miles State High School are challenged with many different concepts to problem solve. They learn to communicate with different symbols to express ideas, imagination and feelings to audiences. Looking into the imagination of youth is inspiring, precious and amazing. This exhibition is a collection of artworks from students in Years 7 to 12, exploring various methods, techniques, processes and concepts.

Welcome into the minds of the future adults of Miles and enjoy the way they see the world around them.

Miles State High School Visual Art Students| Exhibition view from the students’ 2016 exhibition – ‘Express This