MiniMakers for school aged children

Children’s Yoga in the Gallery
with Lisa Turner

This family friendly workshop will allow children to focus on self, community and nature as they explore the contemporary artworks of the Hybrid Greening exhibition and engage in a yoga class. Parents and Children will enjoy a series of introductory Yoga poses helping them to explore movement and self awareness as well as reflecting on the morphing of plants in their environment.

Saturday 28 October, 11.45am – 1pm
John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery

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10 October – @ the Gallery – Hybrid Greening
17 October – @ the Library – Baby Owls
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14 November – @ the Library – Shapes of Australia
21 November – @ the Gallery – Untitled

12 December – @ the Library – Christmas


Shout Out! Storytelling Competition

Shout Out! is the award-winning competition connecting communities across the Western Downs through the power of storytelling.
We’re searching for the most inspiring tales of courage and resilience that have emerged through the recent weather challenges.

Write or record your unbreakable stories:
Inspiring tales of courage and resilience that have emerged through the recent weather challenges (droughts, fires, floods) or even overcoming personal adversities.

Everything you need to know is at westerndownslibraries.com

Try It Out! Tech Day
For ages 12+

28 September
10am – 12pm OR 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Embark on a thrilling virtual reality experience with the cutting-edge Oculus Quest 2 VR!
Reserve your 30 minute session in advance or on the day itself, and let the adventure unfold.
While you wait, engage in the excitement of Sphero activities.

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Emotional Wellness Masterclass

Discover the essential components of emotional wellness and how they influence our mental, physical, and social wellbeing. Learn practical strategies to identify and manage emotions effectively, fostering resilience in the face of life’s challenges. Join us this Mental Health Week with Cathy Halat from Vision and Vigour Coaching, for an enlightening session to prioritise your emotional health for a fulfilling life.

Meet your coach – Cathy Halat
Certified Coach, Conscious Hypnosis Practitioner, Speaker, and Trainer. With a rich and varied career, Cathy is able to draw upon relevant, deep expertise to sensitively coach and support others to achieve positive personal or professional transformation. Her passion for coaching emerged after she overcame a series of unexpected personal health challenges, inspiring Cathy to redefine her purpose and pursue a new path where she can support and guide others to live their best lives. With the right coaching support, tools and techniques, Cathy empowers others to gain clarity, set meaningful goals, overcome obstacles, and develop strategies to create purposeful lives and realise their potential.

Dogwood Crossing, Miles
10 October 2023, 6pm – 7pm

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Aladdin and his Magic Smart Watch – Leichhardt Centre Miles

10 Nov 2023, 10am to 11am

Aladdin was sick and tired of his boring old lamp, so he traded it for a brand-new Smart Watch!

The Smart Watch was great, but it came with a very strange Genie who was always getting things wrong. Aladdin wished for a really big HOUSE and got a really big MOUSE…What the?!

His Mum wasn’t happy either. Aladdin hasn’t been doing his homework, or his chores. He has become very lazy! Aladdin plans to make the Genie do all the jobs he doesn’t want to do…including his homework!

Be careful what you wish for Aladdin!

Join us for a humorous tale of wishes-gone-wrong and lessons learned in Jally Entertainment’s lively twist on a classic!

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