John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery

Heimlich Unheimlich 
By Sieglinde Karl-Spence and Hazel Smith

This exhibition is an installation of collages and poetry, video, and handstitched objects created by artist Sieglinde Karl-Spence and writer Hazel Smith. The artists draw on their contrasting childhoods (German-Australian and British-Jewish) in photographs from their family albums to weave a story about the characters Muslin and Hessian. The story unfolds on delicate chiffon hangings and explores the post-Second World War period, personal and intergenerational trauma, belonging and migration. 

4 February – 25 March 2023

Image caption: Sieglinde Karl-Spence & Hazel Smith | The Vengeful, Directive Angel, 2020 | Digital collage on polyester chiffon 


Different Strokes 
By Miles Art Group 

Different Strokes is a collection of work created by local artists who are members of the Miles Art Group. It is a celebration of the many genres, mediums, and personalities that grace the monthly meet ups. 

The exhibition is a diverse response to personal stimuli, from artists who create individually and as part of the Miles Art Group. This translates to a collective, inspiring each other in their chosen practise through encouragement and constructive feedback, sharing knowledge, and the lessons of experience.  

Participating Artists: Sarah Davis, Patricia Hinz, Bernice Lakay, Shirley Makin, Anna Moeba, Chris Osborne, Bill Perry, Donna Rivers, Juliana Stiller, Lillian Stiller, Lisa Stiller 

4 February – 25 March 2023

Image caption: Sarah Davis | Run!, 2022 | Ink pen on paper | 295mm x 372mm