Stencil Art Prize
John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery

22 May – 10 July 2021

The John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery is proudly sponsored by
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The Stencil Art Prize is a touring exhibition of the world’s biggest, best and most daring artists who use the technique of cutting stencil layers to create a design. This grassroots art form has undergone a resurgence in recent decades and is now thriving on the streets in every country around the globe. Influenced by the ephemeral nature of street art, these stencil-based works blend pop-culture imagery and global politics. Edgy, and cheeky the stencil technique lends itself to a sense of wonder and intrigue. Collectively the artists push the boundaries each year, developing new stencil techniques, messages, materials and technology. 

Image caption: 085C3N3 | Bad conDUCKt | Aerosol on board | 800mm x 800mm 

On the Curved Wall

Miles High Showcase
Miles High Art Students 

22 May – 10 July 2021 

Art meets graphic design in an exhibition of cultural event posters by senior art students. Junior students explore the foundational skill of sketching, presenting a series of still life and portrait sketches that employ a variety of shading techniques. 

Image caption: Junior art student Annabelle Erwin