Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Touring Exhibition 

‘Asia Pacific Contemporary’ celebrates the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art’s (QAGOMA) flagship exhibition, the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT), now in its tenth iteration. Featuring works that have appeared in the Triennial since its debut in the 1990s, and across media from painting and sculpture, to video, performance and works on paper, ‘Asia Pacific Contemporary’ showcases art from Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Vanuatu and Vietnam.

As these varied and compelling artworks demonstrate, the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art continues to be a pre-eminent platform for the art of Asia, Australia and the Pacific, surveying a vast and dynamic region through a series of exhibitions, forums and cultural exchanges. The diverse works in ‘Asia Pacific Contemporary’ reflect the APT’s embrace of contemporary art in all its forms, ranging from the ceremonial to the conceptual, and from the deeply personal to the resolutely social.

9 July – 20 August 2022

Image caption: Tomoko Kashiki, Japan b.1982, I am a rock 2012, Synthetic polymer paint, masking tape on linen on plywood, 162 x 227.5cm. The Kenneth and Yasuko Myer Collection of
Contemporary Asian Art. Purchased 2013 with funds from Michael Sidney Myer through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation. Photograph: Natasha Harth, QAGOMA. © Tomoko Kashiki 


Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Touring Exhibition 

Leichhardt Art Gallery
Wandoan Library, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (closed 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM) 
Wandoan Cultural Community Centre, 6 Henderson Street, Wandoan  

Artists in the Asia-Pacific were quick to embrace the new possibilities of video art as it emerged as an art form, and the region is now home to some of the leading moving image artists in the world. From the most basic use of a hand-held video camera to elaborate and theatrical productions, video has also allowed artists throughout the region to explore and communicate their social conditions, cultures and ideas on ever-evolving screen-based platforms.  

By performing for the camera, recording collective actions and experimenting with technologies and theatrical scenarios, the artists in this exhibition deliver a range of critical, humorous and magical insights into their own artistic motivations and the contexts in which they live and work. Through a wide-ranging series of encounters that manifest across the screen, they capture how the medium has become such a valuable form expression for many of the region’s artists, defining new platforms where their voices and visions can come alive. 

6 July – 2 September 2022

Image caption: JoyceHo / Taiwan b.1983 / Overexposed memory (still) 2015 / Single-channel video: 5:00 minutes, colour, sound, ed.3/5 / Purchased 2018. QAGOMA Foundation / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art / © Joyce H



Miles High Showcase
Miles State High School Students

The Miles High Showcase presents an exciting and diverse exhibition of artwork created by students in the course of their studies this year.  

The senior Visual Art students have been considering ‘Scapes’. Thinking outside the landscape box, students were challenged to morph two contrasting environments – physical, social or emotional – into a single landscape. A selection of miniature-rise sculptures, also on show, have been created for installation in the school’s outdoor environment.  

The junior Visual Art students have been creating cool designs for skateboard decks. An array of hand painted wooden boomerangs the students have crafted from scratch will also be on show.

Reminding us that art can be incorporated into all areas of the school curriculum, the year 7 Humanities students have a display of Egyptian clay artefacts resulting from their study of Ancient Egyptian daily-life, significant individuals and rituals.’  

9 July – 20 August 2022

Image caption: Hermionne Stapleton with junior art students still life artwork – Miles High Showcase 2021