John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery

2022 Western Downs Regional Artists’ Exhibition: Kaleidoscope  

This annual exhibition showcases the diverse talents of artists from the Western Downs as a collaboration between the major Galleries of the region. The theme Kaleidoscope invited artists to take a playful approach to observing the vicissitudes of life and to respond with their own unique and colourful perspective.  

The exhibition is curated by Bundaberg artist, curator, and arts consultant Shelley Pisani. Awards in the four categories – painting, works on paper, photography and new media and 3D artwork will be announced on opening night. Exhibition visitors are invited to cast a vote for the People’s Choice Award that will be announced at the conclusion of the exhibition. 

5 November 2022 – 28 January 2023

Image caption: Cindy Grimes | Era of the App (detail) 2021 | Acrylic on canvas | 610mm x 760mm


The Girl:
Anna Moeba

This body of work is an exploration of emotions, feelings and thoughts of self-worth that started with The Girl: Tell me, what you see? It is a visual documentation of the artists journey of self, from a past full of doubts and challenges, to the positive aspects of her life in the present and moving towards a better and brighter future. 

Image caption: Anne Moeba | The Girl: Tell me, what do you see?  2021| Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas | 915mm x 610mm 

5 November 2022 – 28 January 2023

John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery

Curator Jill Sampson
Audio compilation and mixing by Boyd

Inspired by the birdlife of the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, this exhibition is a unique installation of artist prints, poetry, prose and musician’s birdcalls by over 450 people worldwide. Each of the 153  bird species is given voice by a writer, an artist and a musician. Individual bird prints are ‘hung in the round’ and the writing and music accompanying the artworks, captured and presented as an audio soundscape. Together these elements create an immersive experience for the visitor. Bimblebox Nature Refuge is in central western Queensland’s Galilee Basin. Its future is now threatened by coal mining. 

3 September – 28 October 2022

Image caption: Heather Kepski, Brolgas 2014, Hand-painted woodcut, 297mm x 210mm 

Chris Osborne 

Chris Osborne started out with artistic ambitions studying Fine Art and Graphic Design in the mid-1990s. He veered off course for 23 years, applying his skills to computer mapping in government departments across Sydney and Newcastle. Photography and video coaxed him back to art. In 2018 he quit his job and sold his house to pursue a life of adventure, travel and art. Osborne is inspired by the Australian environment, its unique habitats and the creatures and plants that live in them. Surrounded by nature is Osborne’s fourth exhibition since his return to art. He has captured a wide variety of Australian animals, birds and reptiles in exquisite detail using his favoured medium gouache, an opaque watercolour paint. Osborne has a studio and gallery at Possum Park, Kowguran, north of Miles. 

Image caption: Chris Osborne, Contemplating wildlife (detail) 2020, Gouache on Mi-Teintes Touch paper, 265mm x 195mm 


Jaguar Ngo

This exhibition pays homage to past actors who shaped Hollywood as we see it today. From James Dean’s Rebel without a Cause to Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the performances from these actors have stood the test of time and justify the aptly named Golden Age of Hollywood. 

Image supplied by artist.

3 September – 29 October 2022